For the unity of the church

English presentation

The Church of Norway experiences for the time being a deep theological crisis that is manifest in the fact that the Bishops’ Council is doctrinally divided concerning the question of homosexuality. This therefore necessitates a system of alternative episcopal supervision in some of the dioceses. The argument for this is put forward in two documents, the shorter declaration “For the Unity of the Church”, and the broader presentation “Carissimi - a foundation for the declaration ‘For the unity of the church’”, that were published in September 2007. A number of members of the Church of Norway, both clergy and lay members, have signed “For the Unity of the Church”. For the time being, the bishops are pondering the case, with nothing being decided so far.

We feel that these documents may be of some interest also outside the Norwegian and Scandinavian context, and have therefore translated them to English.


Knut Alfsvåg, ass. professor, School of Mission and Theology, Stavanger

Joachim F. Grün, theological advisor

Sverre Langeland, vicar, Meland

Dag Øivind Østereng, vicar, Ulvik