The Elihu Speeches

Ragnar Andersen
Jobs bok

I denne artikkelen, som opprinnelig er publisert i Tyndale Bulletin 66.1 (2015), tar pastor dr. Ragnar Andersen for seg talene til Elihu i Jobs bok.

Fra sammendraget:

The different opinions about the Elihu speeches (Job 32–37) contribute greatly to confusion in research on the book of Job. In this paper I dis- cuss whether the Elihu speeches are later interpolations or original to the writing, and I defend the latter position. Furthermore, I critically analyse current views on the speeches’ role in the book as a whole and argue that Elihu is an inspired wisdom teacher who paves the way for Job’s encounter with God. Elihu does not merely repeat the claims of Job’s three friends.

Artikkelen kan lastes ned fra lenken i venstre margen.